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Internationally recognized expertise

INDÚSTRIA MECÂNICA AMADI is among the most traditional and highly regarded high precision machining companies.

Present in the national and international markets for 47 years, the brand is recognized for its technical accreditation and commitment to all the services it offers.

It is in the INDÚSTRIA MECÂNICA AMADI that the best multidisciplinary solutions are developed for the oil and gas, energy, industry and infrastructure sectors. This is because its main differential lies in the experience of its technical staff; in engineering based on technology and strict quality control standards, but above all is done by people. And for people.

By combining expertise, technical quality and a broad market knowledge, our team adapts to the requirements of different areas and the constraints of each project. In this way, it solves critical stages in the implementation of projects, anticipating the purchase of special equipment and materials, optimizing costs and making feasible completion of the works within the expected period.

The result is more added value for investment, for society and for the environment.

Human capacity that results in trust

In 1974, INDÚSTRIA MECÂNICA AMADI opened its doors. With innovative differentials and growing investments in the domestic industry, it was not long before it took on a number of relevant projects and became notorious not only in Brazil but also abroad. Some of the clients conquered at that time continue to employ the company’s services to this day.

In the following years, it expanded its range of operations and started to offer to the national industry increasingly modern solutions, with very high added value in the machining of high precision.

Today, INDÚSTRIA MECÂNICA AMADI is valued internationally for its credibility, versatility and ability to innovate – qualities that its team seeks to refine daily to contribute to the evolution of engineering and, above all, to make its projects more competitive.