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Amadi is prepared to develop machining solutions according to your needs and demands. We work to provide quality products using the most modern machining centers and CNC lathes on the market.

We offer unprecedented improvements in how to handle part machining. We are always looking for and constantly evolving the line of machines and technological studies, equipped with tools and a team able to meet the demanding market of Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Civil Construction, Metals, Food, Chemical, Pulp, Cans, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Ceramics, Sugar Mill, Packaging, among others.

We specialize in non-serial and serial production of small, medium and large lots. We use the most diverse carbon alloys, non-ferrous and industrial plastics on the market. We have a business management system (GRV-GPS) that guarantees the quality of production control and the accuracy of delivery times.

Our technology enables the manufacture of parts in the most varied shapes, profiles and sizes in just one operation, combining precision and geometry in the perfect fit for your project to happen.

Quality control

With state-of-the-art equipment and instruments rigorously calibrated and tracked by RBC (Brazilian Calibration Network – INMETRO), it inspects and ensures the compliance and quality of 100% of its products and services.


In order to better serve our customers, in addition to developing machining processes, we have expanded the knowledge and skills for assembly of mechanical assemblies and subassemblies (composed of machined products associated with the use of inputs such as rings, seals, bushings, plastic and metal components among others).


With more than 40 years of experience in machining, Amadi has its own laboratory to manage and guarantee the quality of the solution delivered to its customers.


Machining centers of high technology and productivity, capable of performing serial operations such as drilling, 3D machining, machining with 4th axis, milling face and circular interpolations, internal and external cavities in single fixation.